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Stop Listening to the Media

STOP listening to the Media! 📻

They want your attention, so they are bombarding you with bad news.

They are continuously telling us that the economy is in dire straits right now.

I hear people talking about an impending recession and even another great depression! 🫥

The news is filled with the interest rates rise, increases in the cost of living, high inflation, mortgage strain etc etc.

I am not saying this is FAKE NEWS – but they only give you half the story – they sensationalise the bad news to hold your attention.

Are you serious about selling? Switch it off!

The DOOM AND GLOOM designed to scare you.

This can be paralysing.⛓️ Stop buying into it. Don’t curl up in a ball and give up.

Get on with it. 💪

There’s an old saying, ‘The Rich get Richer’ 💸